The Sayings Of Lao Tzu

The Sayings Of Lao Tzu None
  • Title: The Sayings Of Lao Tzu
  • Author: Lao Tzu
  • ISBN: 9789579689007
  • Page: 236
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Sayings Of Lao Tzu
    The Sayings Of Lao Tzu By Lao Tzu,

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  • Lao Tzu

    Lao Tzu Chinese pinyin L oz Wade Giles Laosi also Laozi, Lao Tse, Lao Tu, Lao Tsu, Laotze, Laosi, Lao Zi, Laocius, Lao Ce, and other variations was a mystic philosopher of ancient China, best known as the author of the Tao Te Ching often simply referred to as Laozi His association with the Tao Te Ching has led him to be traditionally considered the founder of Taoism pronounced as Daoism He is also revered as a deity in most religious forms of the Taoist religion, which often refers to Laozi as Taishang Laojun, or One of the Three Pure Ones Laozi translated literally from Chinese means old master or old one , and is generally considered honorific.According to Chinese tradition, Laozi lived in the 6th century BCE Historians variously contend that Laozi is a synthesis of multiple historical figures, that he is a mythical figure, or that he actually lived in the 5th 4th century BCE, concurrent with the Hundred Schools of Thought and Warring States Period As a result of being a a central figure in Chinese culture, both nobility and common people claim Lao Tzu in their lineage.


  • Short book of the sayings ot Lao Tzu the founder of Taoism I had a student who was Tao once and because of my knowledge barrier and our language barrier, I had trouble understating until I realized through him that Buddhism and Taoism were separate religions I thought Taoism was the Chinese version of Buddhism and he was the one who helped me understand that Reading this book helps me understand Taoist beliefs clearly Good reading.

  • I enjoy reading different translations of this philosophy, seeing how the translator s values give flavor to the text Interesting that one of my favorites, Blakey s, is attributed to Lin Yu Tang, my favorite I also recommend Aldous Huxley s translation, which I didn t find on this listing.

  • Se voc procura a sua realiza o nos outros, voc nunca ser realizado Se a sua felicidade depende de dinheiro, voc nunca ser feliz consigo mesmo Se est contente com o que voc tem fique feliz com a maneira como as coisas s o Quando voc perceber que n o est faltando nada, o mundo pertence lhe Lao Tzu

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