City of Secrets

City of Secrets When Matt is unexpectedly transported to the Scriptorium of Padavia University he discovers he is a Stravagante who can travel through time using his talisman a leather bound book Together with Luci
  • Title: City of Secrets
  • Author: Mary Hoffman
  • ISBN: 9780747592501
  • Page: 343
  • Format: Paperback
  • City of Secrets
    When Matt is unexpectedly transported to the Scriptorium of Padavia University, he discovers he is a Stravagante who can travel through time using his talisman, a leather bound book Together with Luciano and Arianna, he must fight the dangerous di Chimici clan who are on the verge of making a terrifying breakthrough into our world.
    City of Secrets By Mary Hoffman,

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    Mary Hoffman is a bestselling British author and reviewer, born in 1945 She is a true enthusiast of Italy and spends a lot of her time there, which shows in her Stravaganza novels a series currently in publication In total, she has written over 80 books, including the aforementioned Stravaganza series and the bestselling picture book, Amazing Grace Mary is also the editor of a review magazine Armadillo for kids.Watch the book trailer for David, Mary Hoffman s most recent novel


  • Is this worth five stars based on a literary merit No, I don t think so But based on personal enjoyment, it definitely is This series is pretty much the only one that I don t judge harshly and question whether it s five stars or not I ve read it so many times, I know it inside out, it feels like an old friend.

  • First I have to say that I love Italy, so when I first got my hands on the first Stravaganza book I was really excited and it was great.This one is the 4th one of the series and it travels us to a 16th century Padua of another world Matt is sad in his 21st century London life, with dyslexia and self confidence problems, when he finds a book that travels him to Padova in Talia There he meets a professor in a uni that tells him he is a Stravagante and he can travel with his talisman between the tw [...]

  • An book about travelers from England in the 21st century, to a new found universe, quite similar to Italy, an amazing place, called Talia, where great and kind rulers have power over certain areas, but a new Grand Duke of Giglia, wants to take over all of Talia Now, a new Stravagante the name of these travelers Matt Matteo will help to save Padavia the city he s in along side fellow Stravagante to oppose the di Chimici, knowing their opposing to the laws of magic, with the penaltyDEATH.

  • My least favorite of the Stravaganza books so far This review will contain spoilers Our hero makes no sense What s his problem That he has an inferiority complex I just don t buy it As much as the plot goes out of its way to remind the reader again and again that he s so unlike Luciano, the reminder isn t needed He isn t like Luciano He s a dead bore His issue apparently seems to be petty jealousy and inferiority, he somehow develops this great magical power that is weird, unexplained, and fairl [...]

  • Well, this book was just so, Wow Out of all the main characters there has been through the series, Matt is the most like a normal teenager He has two parents, perfect health, a girl friend, he s working towards his licences In a way it makes me want to know about him.But sadly Luciano was of the main character than Matt I ve come to the conclusion the series is really his story through the eyes of everyone else But it s interesting.The only thing I would have wished was there to be Matt I d h [...]

  • The series concept remains very good, but it is becoming a lot of the same That won t stop me to continue reading, though We finally get to go to Padua, which we heard of in the first installment of the series as the place where Dr Dethridge teaches During my honeymoon, my husband and I went to visit modern day Padua, so it was a very fun read It really is a university town, and that feel came through in the book very well, even though there have been quite a few changes The evil eye part of the [...]

  • I m sort of hoping there might NOT be 12 books in this series after only the fourth this one it is getting a bit tiring to read about people finding an object they are strangely drawn to, falling asleep, and stravagating to Talia From there they are bewildered and generally think it s a dream but still go on Haven t any of the talismans chosen not so well and the stravagante has freaked out Anyway, the books could make up for that themselves, but after the first two which I thought were really g [...]

  • Zeker, ik was enorm blij om weer terug te zijn in Talia, want wat een heerlijke wereld En wat blijven de personages leuk Alleen worden de boeken wel steeds minder Deze was langdradig en de ontknoping was maar heel kort in vergelijking met de 400 pagina s van het boek.Een uitgebreide recensie volgt binnenkort op thebookdiaries.

  • i m a huge fan of the series and i love it i just wish i knew a little about the some of the characters from the previous books

  • Stravaganza is a wonderful series name, and the setting, a parallel version of late 16th century Italy, is magnificent The author has a talent for description, making you feel she has been to the places she speaks of.Where she lost me, though, was that the story was laced with far too many elements of the occult, which I find utterly distasteful, and which mar the story for me Therefore, I was only able to rate the story two stars instead of the four it would otherwise have received.

  • I like this series and and as they go on, and the story keeps getting intense as they go on as well I say it every time but Hoffman is a genius when it comes to this series and I can t understand why these books are not popular or widely talked about I especially loved this story because the main character has dyslexia and I can relate to some level with him Obviously the character has a severe form of it, where as mine is a very mild case, but I felt like I could connect on some level and [...]

  • Nous voici de retour en Talie avec le quatri me tome de la saga Stravaganza, La cit des secrets Il s agit de l histoire de Matt, un jeune adolescent dyslexique Quelle n est pas sa surprise lorsque, le jour de son anniversaire, il est attir par un livre crit dans une langue trange qu il ne peut d chiffrer Gr ce ce talisman, il est alors transport Padavia o il rencontre le professeur Constantin et apprend qu il fait partie de la confr rie des Stravaganti Toutefois, la ville n est pas sans danger e [...]

  • The book started alright but I didn t feel any spark with the main character of the story I think that Matt isn t a strong character He had a nemesis named Jago and he hated him just because he was his girlfriend s ex And further, just because Jago is smart and a top class student with looks that can make other people jealous, doesn t mean that you have to be jealous of them The specifications why Matt was jealous of the poor guy aside from his non sensitive, idiot girlfriend is quite unknown wh [...]

  • I recently decided to pick up this series again after a long ish break and I can t say I was entirely disappointed.I love portal fantasy and Stravaganza is one of my favourite portal fantasy series The first three books all have a terrific sense of wonder to them they really do create the sensation of entering a new world In this regard City of Secrets was a bit of a let down The world building or rather city building was not as strong as in previous books The Talia scenes were focused on the o [...]

  • Original Review posted on Bookwyrming ThoughtsNote Formatting is lost due to copy and paste Stravaganza Just another one of those series I apparently enjoyed and then abandoned and then realized that I need to go read the other books in the series and also realized that I read one book ahead and skipped the fourth book Whoops I think I ll thank when I checked p No wonder I didn t know who Matt was when I read City of Ships aside from the very obvious Another whoops And yes, there s a third oops [...]

  • I thought Stravaganza was a trilogy and read it in my teen years, so I was glad to discover that there were 3 other books Anyway this was disappointing and my least favorite till now, for one main reason I really disliked the main character Matt is petty, mean, seriously immature for a 17 years old, with a serious inferiority complex and eternally whining about his dislexiaI mean, it s not an illness, it s so frequent especially in England that I can t see why he s making such a fuss about it He [...]

  • There s no getting around it City of Secrets is probably the weakest entry in Hoffman s Stravaganza series to date The main character and newest Stravagante dyslexic, insecure Matt who can t believe his beautiful girlfriend Ayesha could possibly love someone like him seems intriguing at the outset but never quite lives up to his dramatic potential The parallels that Hoffman WANTS to draw are there, certainly in our world, he can barely read in the Padavia of Talia, however, he reads easily and i [...]

  • Zum Inhalt Matt ist Legastheniker, doch er wird in einem alten Antiquit tenladen fast magisch von einem Buch in Latein angezogen Als er schlie lich mit dem Buch in den Armen einschl ft, landet er in Padavia dem Padova Talias Padavia ist die Stadt der W rter und er landet im Skriptorium von Professor Constantine Als Matteo Bosco wird er dort angelernt und lernt die anderen Stravagante sowohl in Talia als auch in London kennen W hrenddessen schickt Fabrizio di Chimici, der neue Gro herzog von Tusc [...]

  • I give this book 4 stars What I likedI liked the fact that Matt was dyslexic, of a real world problem then having a dad that s a rockstar like Sky I liked that he was able to overcome his problem I liked that his aunt really took dyselexia for what it really was in the end of the book.I liked that Arrinana and Luciano are still together I LOVED the suspence of not knowing where Luciano had been taken The heart disection bit was BRILLIANT It was SO unexpected and even though it was a little dist [...]

  • The Stravagante adventures continue Mary Hoffman returns with the next book in the Stravagante series and if you liked her previous books, then you will not be disappointed Set in Padavia, we are introduced to a new Talian location but, unlike the previous books, there is less of a focus on there geography and on people, action and politics.In City of Secrets we follow Matt,the new Stravagante He, like his predecessors, faces some modern, personal challenges to overcome and it is these that lea [...]

  • After City of Stars I lost a little interest but City of Flowers made me want to climb this horse again I don t know how Mary Hoffman does it but every time I m a least of bit excited she does something that loses my interest No, actually, she doesn t do anything That s the problem I keep hoping something spectacular will happen but it doesn t.Matt Wood as a seventeen year old boy from London He has dyslexia and is extremely insecure, especially when it comes to his girlfriend, the beautiful Aye [...]

  • Ok so i read this book All the rest of the series is amazing I loved them and they are one of my favorite books But this book had me really dissapoionted There wasn t enough of an introduction into Matt s life and there didn t seem to be any problem with him other than he was dyslexic It was just sort of boom he was visiting the other world for no apparent reason In all the other books, there is something seriously wrong about the life of the stravangati for them to find their tailsmans and stra [...]

  • These books are I dunno, strange I love reading them despite the fact that they mostly follow the same formula each book However I do love how all of the characters are weaved together in this charactery web It s pretty cool Yet I wish we could just stop bringing in new characters, it s getting a little bit too much I love the whole Italian medieval thing, and how it intertwines with modern day I learn Italian and it makes me smile when I recognise something that I wouldn t eitherwise Favourite [...]

  • I was surprised and pleased to find this fourth book in Mary Hoffman s Stravaganza series and even pleased to find that it was at least as engaging and well done as I remembered the previous books being Probably , since as it turns out, I don t remember them very well Or rather, I remember the first one fairly well and most of the important points of the second, but strangely, I have only the vaguest memory of the third although I may be mixing parts of it up with the second The good news, howe [...]

  • Reviewed by Steph for TeensReadTooCITY OF SECRETS is the fourth installment in Mary Hoffman s STRAVAGANZA series Matt is a normal English seventeen year old, until a book he got for his birthday takes him on the journey of his life to another world Talia is similar to Italy, but is a few hundred years in the past from the 21st century On his journey, Matt meets Luciano, an old Stravagante who now permanently lives in Talia after having died in London With Luciano, his foster father Docter Dethri [...]

  • Matt was probably the most normal character in the stravaganza series His everyday troubles include making sure he passes his driving test and worrying about his girlfriend Although he is not my favourite character and I usually cannot relate to such normal individuals, Matt s personality really worked well here Unlike the rest of the young stravaganti, there is no family issues or diseases, he s just the nice guy next door The focus of the book was on Luciano than Matt, at least that is how I [...]

  • I was pleasantly surprised to find there had been a fourth and fifth book written in the Stravaganza series I wasted no time getting it from my local library.This book deals with a new Stravagante called Matt, renamed Matteo when in Talia a teenage boy struggling with dyslexia After recieving a book token from an eccentric Aunt for his birthday, Matt uses it to buy an antique book feeling that it called to him This becomes his talisman sending him to the Talian city of Padavia Here he meets Luci [...]

  • City of Secrets is the fourth installment in Mary Hoffman s STRAVAGANZA series.Matt seventeen year old Englishman, he gets a book for his birthday and it takes him on a mysterious journey to another world He finds himself in Talia, which is very similar to Italy, he also finds that he has traveled into the past.On his journey he meets Luciano, an old Stravagante who lives in Talia With Luciano, his foster father Docter Dethridge, and a few others, Matt embarks on a fantasticjourney This is an en [...]

  • I liked this book better than the last book, City of Flowers, but I think she should ve just made it longer and included Luciano and Arianna s wedding at the end of this book I did think it was interesting that they didn t use a traditional illness to pick the next Stravagante Matt, but in this case they picked a boy with extreme dyslexia The basic story was Luciano and Cesare are trying to get the nobleman s university education in Padavia Padua , and Matt is dropping in to work in the Universi [...]

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