Stars in Their Courses: The Gettysburg Campaign, June-July 1863

Stars in Their Courses The Gettysburg Campaign June July Historian novelist Foote s masterly work has been culled from his critically acclaimed three volume narrative of the Civil War
  • Title: Stars in Their Courses: The Gettysburg Campaign, June-July 1863
  • Author: Shelby Foote
  • ISBN: 9780679601128
  • Page: 448
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Stars in Their Courses: The Gettysburg Campaign, June-July 1863
    Historian novelist Foote s masterly work has been culled from his critically acclaimed three volume narrative of the Civil War.
    Stars in Their Courses: The Gettysburg Campaign, June-July 1863 By Shelby Foote,

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    Shelby Dade Foote, Jr was an American novelist and a noted historian of the American Civil War, writing a massive, three volume history of the war entitled The Civil War A Narrative With geographic and cultural roots in the Mississippi Delta, Foote s life and writing paralleled the radical shift from the agrarian planter system of the Old South to the Civil Rights era of the New South Foote was relatively unknown to the general public for most of his career until his appearance in Ken Burns s PBS documentary The Civil War in 1990, where he introduced a generation of Americans to a war that he believed was central to all our lives.


  • Every bit as fantastic as the first time I read it when working my way through the full three volumes of Foote s masterpiece More thoughts when I can do than type on my phone.

  • This is an excerpt from Foote s three volume history of the American Civil War Since the complete three volume book is one which I haven t read I can attest that this little volume that just deals with the battle of Gettysburg is free standing.It is a good modern example of history as drama The leading figures naturally tending to be the officers come across as heroes with moral virtues clearly on display Livy would have approved It s just the kind of thing to give to a child who is interested i [...]

  • I have been going to Gettysburg with my family since I was a very little girl In fact, I was just there on Labor Day a couple days ago I have always loved it there The history of the place, the battlefield and even just the town itself make it my favorite place to visit I ve always known tidbits about the battle here and there from the countless tours my dad has given us throughout the years, but I decided that since I suppose I AM old enough to really understand what happened and since I m out [...]

  • Shelby s focus is on the Confederates in this well written account of the battle of Gettysburg, and Lee comes off as the root of many of their failures in the battle Until the end, when the surviving grays cross the Potomac in the middle of the night, thereby embarrassing the Feds in what should have become a decisive victory, the Federals are given less attention Meade s actions are portrayed, but Buford s defensive actions on the first day of battle are given inproportionate print There are lo [...]

  • If any of you have watched Ken Burns mini series The Civil War , then you will be familiar with Shelby Foote as one of the contributors He is remembered for his slow southern accent and his depth of knowledge of the Civil War This book focuses on The Battle of Gettysburg, probably the best known and most studied of all Civil War battles I, along with my two younger brothers, had the honor of spending three days touring the Gettysburg Battlefield site a few years back We walked on Little Round To [...]

  • Reading Stars in Their Courses The Gettysburg Campaign, June July 1963, I could almost hear him speaking the words on the always mesmerizing PBS series The Civil War by Ken Burns The language is so beautiful and evocative, bringing you almost into the hot, humid summer afternoon, listening to the cannonade as Pickett s charge is about to form up and march to destruction and into history I have put off reading his massive 3 part history of the Civil War, so daunting in size After this little extr [...]

  • I re read this book every year on the July 4 holiday, to remember what happened in Gettysburg during the first three days of July not that long ago I don t like war and get bored with scholarly histories, and yet Foote lays it all out with such beauty and economy of language that you can t help but be swept along.

  • I picked this up at Goodwill even though I am currently reading Foote s trilogy This is beautifully written Despite the massive amount of detail presented, it is a joy to read I want to go to the battlefield and take this with me as a guide.

  • First, this is not the best rendering of the battle at Gettysburg For that, see Coddington or Trudeau or Sears or On the other hand, for those who want a literate, relatively brief introduction with the ability to understand something of the leading players at the battle, this is a good work Foote was a novelist, and his sensibility from that experience comes through The way he turns phrases is exquisite For instance, read the pages featuring Heth s advance toward Gettysburg and Buford s determi [...]

  • While this book is a single chapter from the 3 volume Civil War narritive, it reads as a complete story of the great battle Next year is the 150th anniversary of the beginning of the War I read the book on the days July 1 3 of the conflict Foote tells the story from the South s perspective but does not hold back in judging Lee s tactics as imperfect This was Meade s first battle as General of the Army of the Potomac and most of his defensive tactics went right His major failure was to not follow [...]

  • This is a great account of the Battle of Gettysburg It is written in a narrative style, that is at once educational and moving I also found it easy to follow the 3 day battle, and while it is written in a narrative style, it was filled with rich detail and quotes that really bring the period to life One really cannot go wrong with anything Shelby Foote has written Highly recommended.

  • Watching Ken Burns Civil War documentary left me with some curiosity about Shelby Foote s writing, so I decided on a quick into with this one I have to admit to some disappointment I didn t find his writing style as engaging as his oratory and I found the occasional casual racism fairly off putting.

  • Very good readable should read before visiting Gettysburg Audio is narrated in awesome deep southern accent by the author.

  • By total chance, I happened to finish this the morning of the 4th of July I very much enjoy Shelby Foote s prose which is why, despite my amateur historian s disdain for a lack of citations, I decided to give this account of Gettysburg a whirl It certainly lived up to my expectations, although I found myself going back over some passages because of his use of metaphors and other Southern story telling ways I anticipated the need after a long break from literature while reading works of social sc [...]

  • Foote is the Godfather when it comes to Civil War History His narrative style puts you in the midst of the conflict and really helps brings the personalities that have become legends and heroes of American History back to life From lovers of hardcore military history to those with just a passing interest, this is the definitive volume covering the High Water Mark.

  • Can a sad book be a badass book Gettysburg was awful, and Shelby Foote knows it At no point does he romanticize the battle though he does offer the firsthand testimony of than a few Confederates crushin on Robert E Lee , and a great many of his pages are dedicated the agony that all war is finally ever about screams after Pickett s charge were strange and terrible, a sound that came from thousands of human throats, yet was not a commingling of shouts and yells but rather like a vast mournful ro [...]

  • I have copies of both the print and audiobook versions of this work I like both, but the audiobook version I especially enjoyed because the narrator was Shelby Foote himself This work is excerpts from Foote s The Civil War, Volume 2 Fredericksburg to Meridian It is a complete recounting of the Gettysburg campaign, including any auxiliary actions to assist this effort The writing is spare, to the point and gets to the character of the campaigns participants and the action without encumbering the [...]

  • This narrative history is Foote at his best His scholarship makes the presentation of the Gettysburg battle impeccably accurate One must appreciate, however, that despite his seeming even handedness he does show his bias towards the South at times For example as in his three volume comprehensive history of the Civil War he does not describe or even credit the incredible valor and bravery of the 20th Regiment of Maine Volunteers under Chamberlain that charged downhill at the Rebels on Little Roun [...]

  • I decided to read this book after a recent visit to the Gettysburg battlefield Sheby Foote wrote in an elegant prose that reminded me of the way he spoke when he talked about the Civil War I knew some of the basic details of Gettysburg but this smallish book 290 pages put it in perspective and covers the before and after campaign and some of the political aspects This book challenges the notion that Robert E Lee was a military geniushe clearly didn t know what he was doing and probably didn t ev [...]

  • I saw Shelby Foote on In Depth on C Span a few years ago and was totally impressed He must have been one of the leading intellectuals of the 20th century Also, he was best friends with Walker Percy, the famous novelist This book reads like a novel and is great history, similar to the writings of Barbara Tuchamn The attention to telling detail is remarkable and is very elucidating about the characters of the men who determined the course of the battle One wonder how Gen Lee ever overcame the colo [...]

  • My introduction to Shelby Foote was through his frequent appearances as an analyst and story teller in Ken Burns The Civil War His sometimes poignant, other times amusing anecdotes, all told with his laid back, somewhat bemused expression and touch of a Southern drawl really appealed to me That same voice, ear for dialogue, and eye for detail continues in this book Foote brings all his powers as a novelist to bear here, and he tells the story very well He doesn t get bogged down with pedantry, b [...]

  • First I ll just state that the only reason I d not rated this book a 5 star read is because I ve read several books on Gettysburgh, and the Civil War, so there wasn t much new information here Foote s three volume treatment of the war was phenomenal and I highly recommend it if you ve not read that That said, I m a huge fan of Shelby Foote s work His way of story telling is such that it makes you feel as though you re sitting in his living room, and can almost hear his voice as you read He also [...]

  • Shelby note is a great writer and this book was no different than other books by him I had read a book called, The Killer Angels , by Michael Shaara it was historical fiction but so good that when I finished it, I just had to read about the battle, and I stumbled upon this one It was History not in anyway fiction and it was riveting.It scared me to think how close we were to losing, but it also proved that we had brilliant generals in the North and that Robert E Lee was not infallible.Invading [...]

  • First read the book, then listened to the audio book Another book taken from Foote s famous trilogy Being interested in the Battle of Gettysburg and now living here, it was something to add to my knowledge of the place and continue to really understand what happened here.As Foote often does, he humanizes the hard facts, figures and tactics of the battle in his inimitable way He has many insights and stories that fill in a lot of the things I never knew, but also added to my knowledge of the batt [...]

  • I enjoyed this account and got a lot from it having recently visited the town and battlefield Foote obviously has great admiration for the soldiers involved, especially the Confederate officers However, it did seem that his admiration of Lee was rather too generous It was an earlier time, though, and the attitude of the participants seems rather like that of those in the early stages of the first world war when chivalry and derring do seemed possible The strength of this account is in the tensio [...]

  • This is my first, and probably overdue, foray into reading about the Civil War, and given that this is an excerpt from a larger work I found myself really struggling in the early chapters to keep track of who was who and also not understanding the importance of references to earlier battles Once I had settled in I really began to enjoy myself As many of the reviews note the style of writing is both informative and compelling I did find myself yearning to be read an ebook version of this instead, [...]

  • I enjoy this author s efforts He is my favorite author on Civil War topics I also like his mild southern accent I usually have a hard time grasping the order and important areas of the Gettysburg battle for the 3 day struggle This book added many new facts about the persons and the personalities at the Battle But I am still occasionally lost about who did what and when The Killer Angels did the best job for me to put the Battle at Gettysburg, PA and the generals, and the two armies in perspectiv [...]

  • In Stars in Their Courses, Shelby Foote brings you to Gettysburg, 1863, sweeping you back and forth between the Federal and Confederate sides, his prose gliding from brief bits of backstory to battle scenes, his knowledge of the material and frequent use of the present tense creating a you are there sensation with Foote the Virgil to your Dante As the book is an excerpt from Volume 2 of his The Civil War A Narrative, it can t help from coming across as in media res, a sampler It s a fine sampler [...]

  • I first came across Shelby Foote while watching Ken Burns _Civil War_ TV series on PBS His book is extremely detailed, and, storyteller that he is, it was so easy for me to picture the drama on the battle field He brilliantly handles statistics and exhibits an intriguing literary style reminiscent of the novels of Robert Penn Warren and his friend Walker Percy After reading this, you will see any History Channel documentary on Gettysburg and cringe at the inaccuracies as if you had been there

  • Excerpted from Foote s renowned multi volume history of the Civil War, Stars in Their Courses gives a solid account of the Gettysburg Campaign It is a shining example of history written as a novel one can learn and be entertained at the same time Foote s research is good and he can certainly turn a phrase For those new to Civil War history or without a firm background in the subject, Stars in Their Courses and its sister volume on the Vicksburg Campaign, The Beleaguered City, are excellent start [...]

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