The Long Way Home

The Long Way Home Sometimes you have to go home to find out who you really are Charlie West went to bed one night an ordinary high school student He woke up a hunted man Terrorists are trying to kill him The police wan
  • Title: The Long Way Home
  • Author: Andrew Klavan
  • ISBN: 9781595547132
  • Page: 185
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Long Way Home
    Sometimes you have to go home to find out who you really are.Charlie West went to bed one night an ordinary high school student He woke up a hunted man Terrorists are trying to kill him The police want to arrest him for the stabbing death of his best friend He doesn t know whose side he s on or who he can trust With his pursuers closing in on every side, Charlie makesSometimes you have to go home to find out who you really are.Charlie West went to bed one night an ordinary high school student He woke up a hunted man Terrorists are trying to kill him The police want to arrest him for the stabbing death of his best friend He doesn t know whose side he s on or who he can trust With his pursuers closing in on every side, Charlie makes his way back to his hometown to find some answers There, holed up in an abandoned mansion, he s joined by his friends in a desperate attempt to discover the truth about a murder he can t remember and the love he can never forget.
    The Long Way Home By Andrew Klavan,

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  • Well, that was fun Ironically enough, I read this book on the long way home from our road trip chuckles I swear I didn t plan that at all It was fun, and I enjoyed the characters mostly Charlie s friends in the sequel Still not an instant favorite, but it left me on a cliffhanger and now I DESPERATELY NEED BOOK THREE Gahhh It was the first time in a while that I read an entire book in a day So I guess that means something 3.5 stars

  • Wooo Man, I m enjoying Klavan s works so far This book was a fun ride Plus, it was amusing to see the karate stuff.

  • Great continuation of the story I am so glad we re finally figuring some stuff out I loved the fact that the author gave me enough information that sometimes I figured things out just before Charlie did A lot of suspense novels don t want you to figure it out, so it just feels to out of the blue His friends were great Also, I really want to read the next two books soon.

  • These are great books Four stars cause the genre is not my absolute favorite shrugs But I do like the whole storyline and agh the suspense It has many twists But I did see the whole who the killer actually was coming wahahahahaha

  • It is possible for a book to make you stop breathing This one did The way he writes makes you feel like you re there in the tense moments.

  • I am breathless I am speechless I am in love with this series SO MUCH INTENSITY Especially in that ending which had me completely engaged, even on my second time through In book two, Charlie has to go back home to try and solve Alex s murder and figure out if he was really the killer, or not He s going to have to team up with some friends from his past, but in the end, what he discovers is what none of them would have guessed And will he ever remember the year of his life that he lost THIS SERIE [...]

  • The Long Way Home is the second installment in the Homelanders series by Andrew Klavan In this action packed sequel, Charlie West struggles to overcome the numerous obstacles in his path his amnesia, his difficulty proving himself innocent in the face of a terrible crime, and the chagrin he suffers from pulling his former friends into the mess with him.A lot of thought went into my rating for this book, and in the end three stars prevailed There were things I really liked about The Long Way Home [...]

  • This is the sequel to The Last Thing I Remember And like The Last Thing I Remember, I spent the first two thirds completely annoyed by the character and the last third unable to put the book down Book 3 is out in November odds are good I will end up buying it Charlie is still on the run from various agencies, both good police and bad scary terrorist cell He s starting to piece together exactly what s happened and why he came to in a scary room with bloodstained tools He s also got a little bit o [...]

  • I think that The Long Way Home is a very good book in my opinion Charlie West is a very good main character He is smart and he reacts very well to his enemies The beginning of the book is very fast paced Charlie is approached by a man with a knife He has to use his karate skills to get away from the man And this is all in the first chapter Each chapter brings something new.The setting in this book is in a small town by the east coast It isn t a big town, yet it isn t a small town where everyone [...]

  • 4.5 stars The Long Way Home was a great read At first I only liked the story, but towards the end I loved it I found it really interesting to see where Charlie s story went and who was responsible for the murder The ending was great and leaves me anticipating the next book If you enjoy YA action books, you should check The Long Way Home out, but you might want to read the first book in this series, The Last Thing I Remember, first I borrowed this book from the library I was not required to write [...]

  • This book was a lot better than the first in my opinion because it answered questions and I feel like we got further along in the plot than the first book Still packed with action and adrenaline, Charlie discovers who killed Alex and what his next step is.

  • Action, adventure, mystery, romance, and comedy normally don t blend well together, but Andrew Klavan blends them so perfectly in the book The Long Way Home.Like all of Andrew Klavan s books he leaves you hanging at the end of each chapter You never want to put the book down The book picks up at the end of the first one in the series with Charlie West running from the police and a terrorist group, the Homelanders Charlie gets himself into a fight at the library and it carries on throughout the w [...]

  • A thrill a minute, this book reads like a pitch for an action movie I can see it now all the narrow escapes, high speed chases, and the scene where our hero just HAS to go into that dangerous place to get the clue he needs to clear his name It s all in here If you like that type of movie, you ll enjoy this book about Charlie, who is on the run, trying to avoid both the police, who want him for murdering his best friend, and the Homelanders, a group of terrorists out to destroy America They seem [...]

  • Second novel in the Homelander series, The Long Way Home is just as intense and suspensful as the initial title in the series Charlie West must use all his ingenuity and courage to avoid the terrorists who believe he has betrayed them, and the police who know him as an escaped convicted killer He has come to believe that he is most likely to find answers if he returns to his hometown.Of course that is exactly where those who are chasing him expect him to go Though he would love to involve his fr [...]

  • In The Long Way Home, Charlie West is trying to search for answers about what happened to him and why he can t remember the past year of his life He can t even remember falling in love with his crush, Beth Summers The police are after West trying to capture him and put him back in jail for the murder of his best friend, Alex An undercover Islam group called the Homelanders is also trying to hunt down West and have him killed He has to be constantly on the run from the police and the Homelanders [...]

  • What would you do if you woke up one morning and couldn t remember anything that happened to you in the past year What if you realized you were wanted for murder and for being part of a terrorist group What if that terrorist group wanted you dead This is what has happened to Charlie Having nowhere else to turn up clues to his mysterious lost year, Charlie returns to the most dangerous place for him, his hometown where it all started There, the girlfriend he doesn t remember and his friends decid [...]

  • The Long Way HomeBy Andrew Klavan Charlie West can t remember anything that happened in the last year He was framed for killing his best friend But he knows that he couldn t have He s just not that type of person But in the last few weeks he s escaped prison twice and escaped from a terrorist camp where they were torturing him He was a black belt in karate and that helps him a lot as he runs from the cops He was convicted by a grand jury that he killed his friend So he goes home to find out the [...]

  • When we left Charlie at the end of book one, he was on the run from a band of terrorists and the police and unable to remember anything from the last year of his life As book two opens, Charlie is in a library researching why the police believe that he killed his friend Alex The group of terrorists known as the Homelanders who may have brainwashed Charlie shows up and tries to kill him again, but he escapes From the library, Charlie returns to his hometown where his three best friends and his gi [...]

  • I was a little unsure about reading this book, purely because it had been years since I read the first one At the time, I had no idea it would be a series and then I forgot about it I have to say, it didn t matter that I didn t QUITE remember everything from the first book but I would definitely recommend reading them in order I was a little torn between a 4 and a 5, but I decided on a 5 because I got SO into it I plan on getting the third book as soon as possible so I can find out what happens [...]

  • It wasn t as good as The Last Thing I Remember, but it was still really good I really enjoyed it I ended up buying it right away off for 1 cent plus 3.99 tax in hardcover It took a while to get here, and the whole time I was waiting in anticipation Or maybe it just seemed long cause I was dying to read it Let me just pause a moment and say that Charlie is just AWESOME He is like a crazy good fighter Anyways I really loved this book and can t wait to read the next one D

  • Too bad there s not like ten stars Because this book would ve gotten all of them This sequel was even BETTER than the first one I love the characters, and the storyline, and the mystery, and the twists, and the way the author writes, and the points made in this book AMAZINGLYGREAT Well, no, not a surprise I knew it would be great, but I didn t know it would be THIS great XDEVERYONE NEEDS TO READ THIS Simple as that.

  • It s rare for me to read a series and continue to like the story by the end if the second book This books surpassed my expectations and I was intrigued by it throughout the entire book Great story of loyalty, faith, liberty and the never ending desire to do the right thing This beats Bourne 100 fold.

  • Personal response I thought that this book had a lot of relations to the human world in it The book had an extreme amount of cliffhangers in it as well, and for the most point that s what made this book a great book to read for me also brings out the best in the bad people Plot When Charlie was in high school he went to bed just one ordinary kid just like anyone else, but when he woke from his sleep that morning the unexpected happened to Charlie When Charlie woke from his sleep that morning lit [...]

  • Personal ResponseI really enjoyed this than I enjoyed the first book I liked how Charlie started to find out about the last year slowly and didn t learn it all right away I really like how the story is slowly buildingPlot Summary In the second book to The Homelanders, Charlie starts to find out about the past year of his life While Charlie is looking for this Waterman guy he has to outrun the police and the Homelander terrorist group He escapes the Homelanders and runs back to his hometown of [...]

  • First let me say that the writing just isn t very good There are so many short sentences over and over again He really needs to mix it up, make it less monotonous The characters themselves aren t super realistic and all just kind of fall into their stereotype, while Charlie and Beth conveniently find one true love without having to actually work for it.And then there s like, the actual plot.Now, even allowing that this was written several years ago, Charlie s constant extreme patriotism is painf [...]

  • In my opinion on the book is very good there is some part s in the story that you will get tensed up and want to keep on reading and until you get to the next chapter The book dose not get boring because it keep adding new problems to the character that he has to face so it won t get boring for the reader.In the book The Long Way Home , by Andrew Klavan the book is about a boy who thinks he is dreaming burt he is not and he goes through about five problems and has to try to escape and stay ali [...]

  • I liked this second book better than the first one Maybe that s because I was able to read it quickly over a shorter period of time I still skimmed a little bit in the first half which moved slowly, but the second half quickly picked up and became rather exciting with new information revealed We don t have a lot of questions from the first book answered, but a couple enough to keep me engaged and still curious about where the story will go.

  • i really liked this book and i would definitely recommend it to someone who likes books that keep you on edge because in this book Charlie is trying to hide in an abandoned house and then he wakes up to find his friends there with him and he is really surprised to find them and then they talk for a little while but then he decides he cant keep them in danger because he is running from people looking for someone and i totally love this book along with the rest of the series

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