Guardian of the Gate

Guardian of the Gate The ultimate battle between sisters is nearing and its outcome could have catastrophic consequences As sixteen year old Lia Milthorpe searches for a way to end the prophecy her twin sister Alice hon
  • Title: Guardian of the Gate
  • Author: Michelle Zink
  • ISBN: 9780316034470
  • Page: 101
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Guardian of the Gate
    The ultimate battle between sisters is nearing, and its outcome could have catastrophic consequences As sixteen year old Lia Milthorpe searches for a way to end the prophecy, her twin sister Alice hones the skills she ll need to defeat Lia Alice will stop at nothing to reclaim her sister s role in the prophecy, and that s not the only thing she wants There s also Lia sThe ultimate battle between sisters is nearing, and its outcome could have catastrophic consequences As sixteen year old Lia Milthorpe searches for a way to end the prophecy, her twin sister Alice hones the skills she ll need to defeat Lia Alice will stop at nothing to reclaim her sister s role in the prophecy, and that s not the only thing she wants There s also Lia s boyfriend James.Lia and Alice always knew the Prophecy would turn those closest to them against them But they didn t know what betrayal could lead them to do In the end, only one sister will be left standing.
    Guardian of the Gate By Michelle Zink,

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    Michelle Zink is author of the Prophecy of the Sisters trilogy, A Temptation of Angels, and This Wicked Game Her next book, Lies I Told, releases Spring 2015 Learn on Michelle s blog at michellezink.


  • Wowis was nosebleed worthy.That s right, kittens It s time for the spiritual apocalypse.Here s a summary of the plotless wonder known as Guardian of the Gate Lia her friends ride through the forest Evul People try to make Lia wear the deadly medallion Lia escapes because Good People save her More Evul People try to make her wear the medallion Lia escapes because Good People are marginally smarter than she is Everyone rides around the forest Lia has insta love with some one dimensional freakazoid [...]

  • I m going to get the negative out of the way first, and I think I am one of the only people who feel this way and I offer humble apologies to Michelle in advance The Negative I hate this cover I hate the new covers I loved the original cover for Prophecy of the Sisters and I thought it added so much to the feel of the story itself and had I not already known how much I loved the first book I NEVER would have picked up the books AT ALL had they the covers they have now I might even go so far as t [...]

  • Guardian of the Gate is the following up to Michelle Zink s Prophecy of the Sisters In this installment, we follow Lia as she searches for the missing pages to help her end the prophecy She travels with her two companions and keys, Sonia Luisa to Altus, a safe haven for the Sisters to meet her Aunt Abigail She discovers much about herself, love, betrayal.Guardian of the Gate moves us closer to a final showdown between Lia Alice I can t wait to see what comes next edited bc I caught a misspelling [...]

  • Slams the book close OMG I m having mixed emotions right now, I just really wanted to finish this book So i just went through a few pages Couldn t help it Omg I don t know where to start, I mean I think I would totally got a better understanding if I read the first book but since I didn t have it I Thought this would do But nope nuuh This book I m sorry to say but was quite boring, I ve been stretching the time of reading it for almost a month Dude thats the longest ive left a book I think There [...]

  • This book started out ok although it wasn t great but then it really started to go downhill fast I was expecting so much from this book after reading the first one in the series but overall I found myself very disappointed.The big reason I didn t like this book so much was due to the new love interest, Dimitri Markov, who was introduced Very quickly, an unnecessary and forced romance developed I was so angry at Lia for not staying loyal to James He was everything that Lia had wanted and she thr [...]

  • Lia knows it s essential to find the missing pages of the prophecy her and her twin sister are woven into With Alice still aligning herself with the darkness, Lia is working towards ending the prophecy and closing the gateway to hell on earth before the need consumes her With two human key s missing and pages of important text missing, Lia goes on a quest that takes her to the mystical city of Altus, home to her magical bloodline, of the Sisters who know her cause, and the protective, yet author [...]

  • I would give Guardian of the Gate 2.5 stars.I have mixed feelings about this book While I didn t altogether dislike it, I was disappointed in the direction this one took One thing I enjoyed about The Prophecy of the Sisters was that it was set in the 19th century In this book, we pretty much leave that behind Most of the book is spent traveling through a forest and then on an Island in an in between reality called Altus It s so far removed from the surroundings and feeling of the first book that [...]

  • This book was so good I am emotionally exhausted after reading it I truly think this whole series has the best thought out and written plot of all the series that I ve read The storytelling is beautiful and so realistic my stomach was clenching from nerves the entire time Some of the situations that Lia was in were so hopeless I didn t think she would make it.The book has a lot romance than the previous one Always a big plus While I found myself wanting to shout at James in book one to kiss Lia [...]

  • I started Guardian of the Gate immediately after I ve finished Prophecy of the Sisters While PotS was a very new reading experience for me, GotG didn t quite do it for me.Actually, I didn t even finish it On page 200 or something, I guessed the outcome and allowed myself a little sneak peak Turned out, I was dead right That s when I stopped reading the book.So, what I d like to say with that is Guardian of the Gate is very foreseeable Very cheesy and very I don t know The romance isn t really a [...]

  • What a disappointment I really like the idea of this series and I love the characters The first book was pretty good, actually It was slow, but the beautiful atmosphere and mystery kept me reading But this book was so boring.Everyone was talking about doing something, rather than doing it The characters did nothing than talking, walking, riding horses, talking and walking Which is sad because this series is filled with beautiful unique ideas, and a gothic atmosphere that I love The ideas in thi [...]

  • Review missing here as well, I remember that this book was a big disappointment after the first one I didn t like the whole change in rhythm, characters, society, and the relationship between Alice and Lia.

  • It hasn t been long since we last saw Lia and Alice, determinedly on different sides of an ancient prophecy that could mean death and destruction for humanity Now, Lia and the keys, Luisa and Sonia, must make a terribly dangerous journey to a mystical land in order to find out where the missing pages of the prophecy are hidden They face horrifying dangers along the way, but nothing could prepare them for the betrayal within their own group.Even while Lia is desperately searching for a way to sav [...]

  • I was so impressed with the first book, so I m sad to admit I was a bit disappointed with this second installment Here s my problem with it the plot is great, solid, interesting and still shrouded in mystery despite the main character s best efforts to figure everything out, then there s this awesome romance in the second book, which was delicious except that the main focus shifted from the awesome plot to the awesome romance and then nothing really devastating or interesting happened with the r [...]

  • The second book in Michelle Zink s series was just as unputdownable as the first The Guardian of the Gate was a fast paced read in which Lia continues her journey to end The Prophecy of the Sisters forever Its not as easy as it seems, especially when your biggest enemy is your very own twin.Lia still resides in London, an ocean away from her heartless sister Alice, who lives in New York Yet, even an ocean apart, Alice knows every action Lia takes, because of her use of forbidden magic Alice has [...]

  • As the final battle in the prophecy nears, twin sisters Lia and Alice prepare themselves to what to come As Alice rallies the Souls and becomes stronger, Lia travels to London in hopes of finding a way to stop the prophecy But the Souls prove persistent than Lia has ever imagined Even as she struggles with her frail friendship, entangling herself in Sisterhood politics, they Souls are bent on thwarting her already difficult mission I loved the first book It set the grounds for what the story is [...]

  • I m being a little generous with this, as it s really a 2.5 star book, in large part because it suffers from series itis if you haven t read Book One, it will take you a while to get into Book Two and I hadn t read Book One The plot is rather simplistic battle between Good and Evil, set in vaguely Victorian era London There s a Prophecy, and twins Lia and Alice who appear to be on different sides yet completely linked by this Prophecy Book Two is largely concerned with a trip to a mysterious isl [...]

  • 1.5 stars.Just before I came across with Prophecy of the Sisters, I had just read L J Smith s The Vampire Diaries The Return Midnight and IT S SO AWFUL THAT I CAN T BRING MYSELF TO FINISH IT Prophecy of the Sisters was a welcomed change from the awful continuity that is The Vampire Diaries seriously Miss Smith, you should have ended the series with book 4 However, Prophecy of the Sisters as a stand alone read,still isn t that much of a satisfying works But I m willing to give its sequel The Guar [...]

  • SPOILERS INCOMING I MEAN IT.You have been warned.So, I hated this book I really, really, with all my heart HATED it Ugh.Did I mention how much I hate this book To anyone who read the first book and thought it was bad, this is worse Like, 10 times worse Like New Moon was to Twilight.Okay, maybe I should now start the hate filled review.This is our plot Sonia and Lia sit on their asses for 8 months in London James leaves Lia but she gets a new toyboy after 5 seconds and they re SUPER SPECIAL IN LO [...]

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  • Penerbit Little Brown BooksTebal 352 HalamanDibanding buku kedua ini, Prophecy Of The Sisters tampak seperti prolog yang terlalu panjang Yes, I like the second sequel better Di buku ini setidaknya beberapa hal mulai menjadi jelas dan konflik dan suspense nya lebih greget Walau sepertinya cerita akan memuncak di buku ketiga.Kilas balik sedikit, Lia dan Alice Milthrope adalah kedua saudara kembar yang diramalkan akan berperan dalam kembalinya atau musnahnya sang iblis Samael Satu berperan sebagai [...]

  • 2.5 stars.Lia and Sonia have been in London for nine months now They are getting ready to travel to Altus, the mystical island where Lia s aunt will tell them where to find the Prophecy s missing pages These pages are important to Lia, as they are suppose to tell her how to end the Prophecy and defeat her sister Alice They are soon joined by Edmond and Luisa and leave on the perilous journey to Altus They are joined and helped by Dimitri, a boy Lia finds herself attracted to They are pursued by [...]

  • Plot Sketch In this second of three novel, Michelle Zink continues her tale of Lia and Alice, the twins that were born at odds one with a mission to usher Samael into this world the gate and the other to ensure it does not happen the guardian Only problem is, they were born in a Caesarian birth in the late 1800s, and they were excised from the womb in the wrong order, causing their natures to conflict with their missions PROPHECY OF THE SISTERS leaves us with Lia taking a journey to find out as [...]

  • In reading over other reviews of this book I noticed someone said they liked this better because it got out of the stuffy houseI guess that it was less gothic mystery and adventure, and romance Actually the gothic mystery element of book one is what hooked me in the first place At times this book felt so different, as if it weren t even related I think mostly because it was so Lia focusedAlice only appears a timesough she is as creepy as ever I thought this book was going to go into of the sis [...]

  • Lia Milthorpe s battle against her evil sister, the souls, and an ancient prophecy continues in this second book of the Prophecy of the Sisters trilogy Having spent the last eight months in London with Sonia, gathering her strength and honing her power, Lia is now prepared to travel to the mystical isle Ault where she will find the final pages of the prophecy With friends, both old and new, Lia embarks on the treacherous journey while the souls dog her heels and work in secret to turn her most t [...]

  • ARC see full review at thepagesofbrooks I received this ARC from the Teen Author Carnival on May 24, 2010 Michelle Zink was there, spoke and answered questions in a panel of other authors, and stayed around to sign books Afterward, since I m all buddy buddy with one of the people in charge of TAC, I was waiting around outside the building and had the pleasure of really talking to Zink Turns out she s pretty fantastic even her kids are awesome though I m a teacher, so I m biased To all you author [...]

  • MAY CONTAIN SPOILERSBook 2 picks up 8 months after Prophecy of the Sister Ends Lia is now in London at Milthrope Manor with Sonia one of the keys to the prophecy Lia has isolated herself from her sister Alice in the hopes of developing her powers and protecting herself from the rath of Alice Lia tries to understand the prophecy, and is hard at work trying to discover the location of the final 2 keys As Lia tries to increase her powers in the hopes of stopping Alice from forcing her to fulfill th [...]

  • In GUARDIAN OF THE GATE, Michelle Zink successfully introduces new elements to this ambitious historical supernatural story in a way that will impress fans of the first book The same problems I had with the first book, however, still exist in this one, with the result that it will keep die hard fans reading while most likely not bringing in a newer audienceARDIAN OF THE GATE removes readers from the late nineteenth century as we know it Instead, we are brought into an in between world full of my [...]

  • I was completely hooked from page one with Guardian of The Gate I read it in a short amount of time, as I had a hard time putting it down Guardian of The Gate is Lia s journey to find the lost pages and to find away to defeat her sister Alice Along the way she learns about the power she holds, about herself and where she comes from Guardian of the Gate gave me everything I like in a sequel New characters, romance, the journey of self discovery, twits and turns and even betrayal I like that as [...]

  • So, immediately after re reading Prophecy of the Sisters, I jumped into Guardian of the Gate Admittedly, I don t know why the summary has James marked as Lia s boyfriend Sure, they ve said that they loved one another in Prophecy of the Sisters, but it was, to the best of my knowledge, nothing official And yeah, I liked him well enough, but I have a new favorite in Guardian of the Gate Dimitri Markov He s known of Lia for quite some time and she feels at ease with him More importantly, he knows a [...]

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