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Ruby Holler From Sharon Creech the Newbery Medal winning author of Walk Two Moons comes a heartwarming adventure about finding family and a home when you least expect it Ruby Holler is a Carnegie Medal winnin
  • Title: Ruby Holler
  • Author: Sharon Creech
  • ISBN: 9780060560157
  • Page: 334
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ruby Holler
    From Sharon Creech, the Newbery Medal winning author of Walk Two Moons, comes a heartwarming adventure about finding family, and a home, when you least expect it.Ruby Holler is a Carnegie Medal winning novel, and with its quirky protagonists and exciting journey, captures the imaginations of readers of all ages Brother and sister Dallas and Florida are the trouble twinsFrom Sharon Creech, the Newbery Medal winning author of Walk Two Moons, comes a heartwarming adventure about finding family, and a home, when you least expect it.Ruby Holler is a Carnegie Medal winning novel, and with its quirky protagonists and exciting journey, captures the imaginations of readers of all ages Brother and sister Dallas and Florida are the trouble twins In their short thirteen years, they ve passed through countless foster homes, only to return to their dreary orphanage, Boxton Creek Home.Run by the Trepids, a greedy and strict couple, Boxton Creek seems impossible to escape When Mr Trepid informs the twins that they ll be helping old Tiller and Sairy Morey go on separate adventures, Dallas and Florida are suspicious.As the twins adjust to the natural beauty of the outdoors, help the Tillers prepare for their adventures, and foil a robbery, their ultimate search for freedom leads them home to Ruby Holler.
    Ruby Holler By Sharon Creech,

    Ruby Holler by Sharon Creech Ruby Holler is a Carnegie Medal winning novel, and with its quirky protagonists and exciting journey, captures the imaginations of readers of all ages Brother and sister Dallas and Florida are Ruby Holler Ruby Holler Creech, Sharon Books Ruby Holler is also a quiet draw for the parched souls of two young teenagers in desperate need of emotional drink They find it in Ruby Holler with this eccentric, endearing, and aging Baby Boomer couple who find and carve beautiful things out of wood Please take the journey of the joy found in this remarkable book. Ruby Holler by Sharon Creech Ruby Holler is the beautiful, mysterious place that changes all their lives forever. Ruby Holler Summary SuperSummary Ruby Holler is a young adult novel by Sharon Creech, who is best known for her Newberry Award winning work, Walk Two Moons It is a tale of twins who have spent most of their lives in an orphanage at the hands of the orphanage s abusive owners. Ruby Holler Children s Books Wiki Fandom Ruby Holler Characters Dallas Carter Florida s twin is very dreamy and is one of the main characters Age , he was abandoned by his mother and lived in the Boxton Creek Home Florida Carter

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    I was born in South Euclid, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland, and grew up there with my noisy and rowdy family my parents Ann and Arvel , my sister Sandy , and my three brothers Dennis, Doug and Tom.For a fictional view of what it was like growing up in my family, see Absolutely Normal Chaos In that book, the brothers even have the same names as my own brothers Our house was not only full of us Creeches, but also full of friends and visiting relatives.In the summer, we usually took a trip, all of us piled in a car and heading out to Wisconsin or Michigan or, once, to Idaho We must have been a very noisy bunch, and I m not sure how our parents put up with being cooped up with us in the car for those trips The five day trip out to Idaho when I was twelve had a powerful effect on me what a huge and amazing country I had no idea then that thirty some years later, I would recreate that trip in a book called Walk Two Moons.One other place we often visited was Quincy, Kentucky, where my cousins lived and still live on a beautiful farm, with hills and trees and swimming hole and barn and hayloft We were outside running in those hills all day long, and at night we d gather on the porch where stories would be told I loved Quincy so much that it has found its way into many of my books transformed into Bybanks, Kentucky Bybanks appears in Walk Two Moons and Chasing Redbird and Bloomability Bybanks also makes a brief appearance by reference, but not by name in The Wanderer.When I was young, I wanted to be many things when I grew up a painter, an ice skater, a singer, a teacher, and a reporter It soon became apparent that I had little drawing talent, very limited tolerance for falling on ice, and absolutely no ability to stay on key while singing I also soon learned that I would make a terrible reporter because when I didn t like the facts, I changed them It was in college, when I took literature and writing courses, that I became intrigued by story telling Later, I was a teacher high school English and writing in England and in Switzerland While teaching great literature, I learned so much about writing about what makes a story interesting and about techniques of plot and characterization and point of view I started out writing novels for adults The Recital and Nickel Malley were both written and published while I was living in England these books were published in England only and are now out of print But the next book was Absolutely Normal Chaos, and ever since that book I have written mainly about young people Walk Two Moons was the first of my books to be published in America When it received the Newbery Medal, no one was surprised than I was I m still a little bit in shock.After Walk Two Moons came Chasing Redbird, Pleasing the Ghost, Bloomability, The Wanderer, and Fishing in the Air I hope to be writing stories for a long, long time.I am married to Lyle Rigg, who is the headmaster of The Pennington School in Pennington, New Jersey, and have two grown children, Rob and Karin Being with my family is what I enjoy most The next best thing is writing stories Sharon Creech


  • Dallas and Florida, orphans, have had a remarkably tough life Nobody wants them or ever cared for them Florida has a very rough and negative pattern of speech She everything is putrid or nasty and she believes everyone except Dallas is trying to harm her This negativity is a defense mechanism She has been hurt and let down so many times before that she doesn t trust a soul Dallas deals with this in a different way He escapes to vivid dreams of nature and calm places to get away from his terrible [...]

  • I enjoyed the story and felt that the interaction between the four main characters was realistic and well written I would recommend it for fans of young adult novels in general as a clean, clever story about the strength of love and family ties.Unfortunately, it had several technical drawbacks, in my opinion For instance, sixty six chapters averaging about three or four pages each made the book feel very choppy, even awkward it just didn t work for me I also didn t like spending so much time rea [...]

  • Dallas i Florida, blizanci iz dje jeg doma, koje nitko ne voli jer su zlo esti, grozni, nemogu i, neodgojeni i jo puno toga Ali kad se dosele u Rubindol, prekrasnu zelenu dolinu, kako bi ivjeli sa bra nim parom Morey, nau it e sva ta, prvenstveno o ljubavi i uva avanju.Sanja A hvala ti jo jednom na preporuci

  • I read this book in 6th grade and it is still my favorite book This book was full of suspense, adventure, and revealed an amazing message in th end

  • I think I would have loved this as a pre teen Easy read, and wonderful characters I loved the humor in it I loved what great examples Sairy and Tiller were A simple fun read with many great life lessons interweaved Definitely recommend it.

  • Recently I have been reading Newbery Medal and Honor book winners Some are good, some are bad Most are forgetful But I have realised that there are certain theme s that prevail in child lit Now I don t know if this is lack of theme s that both children enjoy and an adult would enjoy writing or if kids really do enjoy reading about runaways, but this is what this book is Just another runaway book The two protagonists are orphans who plan on running away bcause of previous hurtful experiences in h [...]

  • I m reading the books on my kids Battle of the Books list of books for next year s competition I want to be able to discuss all the books with them to help them prepare So, this is one on the intermediate team s list 4th 5th graders About a boy and a girl who are orphans and twins The author tells the sad story of their life at the orphanage and numerous foster home placements that didn t work out Then they go to stay with Tiller and Sairy in Ruby Holler and we learn about the adventures they ha [...]

  • OK, I have to read all of Creech s books After reading Bloomability last year, and now Ruby Holler, and with Walk Two Moons, Pleasing the Ghost, Granny Torelli Makes Soup, Chasing Redbird and Love That Dog already under my belt, I m convinced she is one of the greats And kids like the books, too In Ruby Holler, she once again captures just the exact way children express insecurity and anxiety and leavens those feelings with needed understanding and caring love Florida and Dallas, orphaned twins [...]

  • Orphans Florida and Dallas have an awfully interesting past, which unfolds throughout the story through flashbacks, sharing of memories, and mysteries that come back to haunt them in both good and bad ways Raised primarily at the Boxton Creek Home by the putrid couple that runs the orphanage, they grow up thinking of themselves as the trouble twins, spending plenty of time in the cellar as punishment for running, yelling, and being themselves When Sairy and Tiller, an elderly couple, borrow them [...]

  • Sharon Creech is a new author for me and I really enjoyed this book Although delivered with a lighthearted touch, this book covered some serious topics and will resonate with young teens trying to find their role in the world, and the balance between dependence and independence The main characters are twins Dallas and Florida, who have been in foster care all their lives Creech does a nice job of detailing their trials and tribulations, and the coping mechanisms they have evolved, without being [...]

  • Siblings Florida and Dallas are known as the Trouble Twins at the Braxton Home for Children Florida and Dallas have spent their lives being shuffled around from one foster home to the next, only to be returned to the putrid Braxton Home and its owners, Mr and Mrs Trepid An elderly couple, Tiller and Sairy, come looking for some kids who can help them on their upcoming trips and take the twins back to their cabin in Ruby Holler Florida and Dallas expect the worse treatment possible but are shocke [...]

  • The book Ruby holler is about the 2 twins, Dallas and Florida, are orphans who are known as the trouble twins in their orphanage, how they give up on finding someone that will keep them and take good care of them Then Tiller and Sairy show up They lived in a little cabin in a place called Ruby Holler,that the twins find magical and free Throughout the story they go on exciting adventures, making their bond grow stronger.This book has good and bad parts to it The writing makes you get a strong go [...]

  • Oh joy A story about maltreated orphans who just want someone to love them You almost never see one of those Why this book has won the regard of writers such as Pullman mystifies me The story is hackneyed The bad guys are such blueprint made to order cretins and the good guys full of such homespun folksy goodness as to be cringe worthy One of the motifs of the book are the recipes that the fatherly Tiller concoct, getting over being an orphan stew, welcome home bacon What I could have used is a [...]

  • I chose this book because it included part of my name and had an interesting cover, but soon after reading some of this book i realized that it doesn t need a good name or a good cover it needs a good story And this book has exactly that.

  • i recomend this book because it has alot of fun twists and turns and it has a amazing back story for the twins

  • Ruby Holler begins in the Boxton Creek Home, an orphanage run by a strict couple, George and Marjorie Trepid Thirteen year old Dallas Carter and his sassy twin sister, Florida Carter, have been stuck in this terrible orphanage since they were infants They were dropped off in a produce box on the front door step Dallas and Florida have always been severely punished for their mistakes No matter what they did, they always got in trouble They spent many days in the corner of a basement full of cobwe [...]

  • Thirteen year old Dallas and Florida Carter are orphaned trouble twins who live in Boxton Creek Home for Children run by greedy and neglectful Mr and Mrs Trepid Tiller and Sairy Morey, a 65 year old couple who live in nearby Ruby Holler, want to borrow the twins for a while to go on adventures with them, Florida with Tiller on a Rutagabo River boat trip and Dallas with Sairy on a visit to the island of Kangadoon When they go back into town to pick up supplies, the twins accidentally tell Mr Trep [...]

  • I enjoyed Ruby Holler by Sharon Creech, because it deals with serious subjects that a kid might go through The book deals with two children named Dallas and Florida they are orphans and are referred to as the trouble twins They travel from house to house in search of places to stay but end up getting kicked out of all the places they move to Ruby Holler begins in the Boxton Creek Home, an orphanage ran by a strict couple, George and Marjorie Trepid They were dropped off as infants in a produce b [...]

  • Twins Dallas and Florida Carter got their names from the travel brochures tucked under them in the fruit box in which they were left on the doorstep of Mr and Mrs Trepid s miserable orphanage in Boxton At age 13, they haven t just given up on being placed with a family they are terrified of it, after such experiences as being locked in a pitch dark basement all night and forced to dig a well, being bullied by their foster siblings, and being accused of stealing by a foster father Then an older c [...]

  • Kiana SevaRuby Holler by Sharon Creech When I read Ruby Holler by Sharon Creech, I thought that it was a very good book, because it about two twins that are orphans Their names are Dallas and Florida Carter They live in an orphanage called the Boxton Creek Home, and live amongst eleven other children I thought that it was a good book, because Dallas and Florida are orphans, not knowing who their real parents are The managers of the orphanage are very strict and have lots of rules, which makes it [...]

  • My 11 year old voracious reader daughter loved this story and asked me to read it aloud to her as part of our nightly bedtime ritual I liked it enough, but didn t love it She and I are different enough that we still haven t found a book that we love equally, but we keep trying.This is the story of two twin orphans, a boy named Dallas and a girl named Florida, who have had a rough, abusive start to their lives The course of their lives change, however, when they live with an older, retired couple [...]

  • RUBY HOLLER is a touching story of two orphaned twins, Dallas and Florida named after the packing crate they were found in , who are abandoned at birth and brought up by two uncaring custodians of a group home for children They experience only reject and abuse at the many foster homes they are placed in, only to be returned to the same custodians who consider them to be only trouble Their luck finally changes when they are matched with an older couple whose children have grown and left home The [...]

  • I was getting tired of trying out books with too much swearing and sex, so I looked up the children s books, that were recommended on facebook I have read many of them, and they are favorites of mine Ruby Holler is about a set of twins, who are brother and sister They were left at an orphanage, as babies, in a produce box They have several placements, with unkind people, and they are always described as being trouble When they are teenager, an older couple comes to the orphanage to get a couple [...]

  • Ruby Holler , by Sharon Creech, is an extremely good book This book leaves you with pictures in your head throughout the whole story There s not a moment when I could put the book down This is a story about twins, Dallas and Florida, who lived in a foster home their whole lives They ve been adopted from family to family, but their troubled ways always led them back to the foster home Then, one day an elderly couple adopted them for the summer at their home The magic that goes on in the elderly c [...]

  • Ruby Holler was about two orphans that get in a lot of trouble They tried many homes, but they would get kicked out right away by the parents The parents would bring them right back to the orphanage because the kids were too much trouble for them The kids decided to run away on the midnight train one day to see what was on the outside of the world People that like adventure books should read this one The kids did a lot of cool things on their journey.

  • Read this out loud to my son Jack We read a lot, but this is long enough to count towards my reading challenge, haha We both really enjoyed it and there were quite a few incidents that caused him to bust out laughing We found the girl named Florida to be quite spunky and hilarious, and putrid is his new favorite word There was also quite a bit of sad imagery involving the bad homes the foster children ended up in, and that bothered him quite a bit.

  • This is an excellent story, good plot, great characters, and well written Warning the chapter called Rocker made me cry, well, a lot But that could be because both of my babies were asleep on my lap at the time.Love this book, would recommend it to anyone It is about love, trust, strength, optimisim.I also love that it showcases so well two different types of love, that of a brother and sister, and that of a couple long married.

  • Ruby Holler is a place not much of a place, if you judge it by money materialism standards Some carefully drawn, kind characters live there and create an unforgettable feeling that it is not a bad place to live Two children find themselves cast into a different lifestyle, and they wrestle with the decision of whether to leave the holler The book is excellent for classroom discussions.

  • Another great Sharon Creech story, this one about twins who, after surviving some awful foster homes, are finally assigned to an older couple who live out in the woods The quirky couple are so unique, that although the twins are afraid to believe they have found a home, they give in to their new family.

  • My dad read it to me and it was very good, infact i think it is my favorite book because of all the characters in my opinion it shoud become a movie and I am requesting that if you havn t ever read it I would read it It is such a good book

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