The Shadow Within

The Shadow Within Abramm Kalladorne has returned to Kiriath to claim the crown he thought he would never wear and to prepare his people for the inevitable attack of the Armies of the Black Moon Though fiercely opposed
  • Title: The Shadow Within
  • Author: Karen Hancock
  • ISBN: 9780764227950
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Shadow Within
    Abramm Kalladorne has returned to Kiriath to claim the crown he thought he would never wear and to prepare his people for the inevitable attack of the Armies of the Black Moon Though fiercely opposed by his own kin and reluctant to thrust his country into civil war at the worst possible time, he nevertheless believes this course of action is Kiriath s only hope of salvatiAbramm Kalladorne has returned to Kiriath to claim the crown he thought he would never wear and to prepare his people for the inevitable attack of the Armies of the Black Moon Though fiercely opposed by his own kin and reluctant to thrust his country into civil war at the worst possible time, he nevertheless believes this course of action is Kiriath s only hope of salvation.In the midst of this turmoil, a headstrong princess from a neighboring realm endeavors to uncover Abramm s secrets including his heroic exploits as the White Pretender and the fact that he wears a golden shield upon his chest and her interference threatens to destroy any chance he has of maintaining his rightful place as king.Against a backdrop of somber council meetings and back alley sword fights, of magnificent ballrooms and windswept mountain fortresses, plots and counterplots unfold as old alliances dissolve and new ones form If he is to succeed, Abramm must come to terms with his own limitations and the sufficiency of the one who controls his destiny.
    The Shadow Within By Karen Hancock,

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    Karen Hancock Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Shadow Within book, this is one of the most wanted Karen Hancock author readers around the world.


  • After reading the first book which I luckily received as a free download otherwise I would have never discovered this wonderful series , I couldn t wait to purchase and dig right into the second Four years after Abramm Kalladorne was sold into slavery by his brother, he returns to Kiriath to claim his crown, but he must be cautious for he has many enemies Plus, he s taken the Terstan shield, a fact he must hide if he wants his people to trust him.Abramm s struggles only continue in this book, as [...]

  • The second in Karen Hancock s Legends of the Guardian King is every bit as good as the first as it continues the tale of Abramm Kalladorne and his efforts to become the man that his god wishes to shape In this installment he returns to his homeland, there to face political as well as magical battles We are introduced to a cast of characters that we can empathize with, whether they are good, bad, or neutral We get to see the struggles these very human people endure, and how they handle them There [...]

  • Here is what I want to know How did Bethany House manage to publish something that wasn t lame However they tried, they made it happen BOOK HANGOVER 100 I don t think I have enjoyed anything since Lord of the Rings I am not saying that this is a LOTR knockoff, or that this is as good, because both statements are patently untrue But this series completely incapacitated me, to the point where I got nothing done until I finished.This particular book may possibly be my favorite, although it is hard [...]

  • I really liked the first book in this series, but I LOVED the second one Abramm developed into a true hero and the presence of Madeleine made me really love this book I loved her character.I think this book is out of print at least, I couldn t find it so I put Kindle on my Android phone for FREE and bought the Kindle version It was fun to read on my phone and I was impressed with the app.One of the great thing about this series is that it s completely clean no language, no garbage I love that to [...]

  • This book was even better than the first as Abram comes into his own Again the book echoes some great Bible stories including raising a little girl from the dead well, almost her name is Talia, funny, huh and David and Goliath The best part of the book is Abram s own struggles with anger and pride and how they keep him from the power that he so desperately needs I love it This is what we need is books that help us see how our own struggles affect us in a world where the outcome is obvious than [...]

  • I don t normally binge read a series, but after finishing Light of Eidon I went straight into reading the 2nd book of the series Again, it s one I ve read before, but such a long time ago that I couldn t remember the plot all that well and it all felt refreshingly new Beautifully crafted world and characters, deep spiritual message Wonderful, worthwhile read.

  • So after surviving slavery as a galley slave and a gladiator, Abramm feels called to return to his native country His reasons are, that having been among the enemy, he knows their plans for his country, as well as the fact that a horrible Shadow creature is now hunting the main port and capital, crippling the navy and trade With his return, Abramm is going to have to confront many other issues, including his rightful claim to the throne, his usurping brother who also sold him into slavery , the [...]

  • As the second book in the Legends of The Guardian King series I was equally excited and quite nervous to discover what next adventure Abramm would encounter upon returning to his homeland, Kiriath Overall I did enjoy this book I loved the court intrigue and the continually annoying aspects of court politics that Abramm had to learn to master Sometimes these situations were humorous or uncomfortable, or they would even edge into outright dangerous and the broad spectrum with which Hancock worked [...]

  • plot summary what happens, when where, central characters, major conflicts return the saga of abramm continues, as he returns to his country to reclaim his place as the guardian king his brother is not going to give up his regency lightly, however, and the matter of him being a terstan could bring the wrath of the maritian church down on him abramm s sister is also on her own journey, one that will eventually reunite them and bring her to a better understanding of her brother and his beliefs ret [...]

  • My reviews of any book after the first in a series is always pathetic, and I always debate even writing anything Partially because I usually don t review anything until I ve finished the series, and partially because even if I wrote them as I went, I can never remember what happens in what book, particularly in an epic fantasy series that or less reads like one continuous story I therefore find it easier to just put my overall thoughts down in one review, but since there isn t really a venue fo [...]

  • This book blew my mind Not only was it better than the first book Light of Eidon , it left me wanting Thankfully there are two books in the series I have been searching for an author like this for a long, long time I was beginning to think there wasn t one Christian Fantasy author out there who truly wrote for God, making the darkness look like what it wasevil She did not use the very creatures of darkness to represent God, like so many of today s Christian fiction writers do Her allegory was [...]

  • One of the challenges dangers of writing a sequel is somehow creating an entirely new adventure, while also giving readers of what they liked in the first installment This sequel to Hancock s wonderful Light of Eidon increases that challenge, since it takes place in an almost entirely new setting with a largely new set of supporting characters Fortunately, both the new settings and the new characters are delightful, if perhaps not quite as stunning as those in the first book Ultimately, it s Ha [...]

  • Awesome read At first it got a little slow but still interesting in the middle, but then it got really exciting towards the end I liked how this pointed out how we all have a Shadow within us Even when we receive Christ, a battle between Light and Darkness wages in our souls In that battle, like Abram, we can overcome that darkness by completely trusting in our Creator, surrendering all that we are, so that He can get the glory It was just as good as the first one, and I can t wait to read of w [...]

  • This book follows closely in the steps of Hancock s first book in the series She pulls the character deep into her characters world and their struggles As always, she blends biblical concepts with fiction wonderfully, and throughout the whole book, she stays true to the theme of grace and becoming what we are made to be It s a great journey with the characters and really inspires me to have a better walk with Jesus when I read it I definitely recommend it, though I would advise that you do not g [...]

  • This was another very enjoyable book in this series I liked the way Hancock weaves the tale of the two siblings in parallel although sometimes it s frustrating to go back and forth and not get the next bit of story on the character at hand The one place where this book isn t as satisfying as the first book is the ending where I felt it certainly concluded and had the end note feel but it was very abrupt The first book had of a denouement that made the ending feel well placed and entirely satisf [...]

  • This book and series is one of my all time favorite, and I highly recommend it The author does an amazing job showing the difference between the faith in Christ and faith in religion The knowledgeable you are about God, His Word, and church history, the things you ll recognize in this series But even if you re not that knowledgeable of them, you ll wind up learning a lot by the end as things will become clear The story is exciting, the characters so well developed you ll feel like you ve alway [...]

  • This second book in the Guardian King series tells the story of Abramm s return to Kiriath and his confrontation with his younger brother over his claim to their father s throne In this book, the formerly shy Abramm must learn to negotiate the world of politics, balls and banquets, while he continues to battle enemies old and new, natural and supernatural I did enjoy this, but not as much as the first book.

  • An inspirational tale.The Shadow Within is a very exciting and inspiring read How very true is the theme that we must overcome our own greats to realize our true purpose God s purpose for our lives, and how we can accomplish nothing apart from Him The narrative is well written and holds your attention throughout It was very difficult to put down The book portrays the classic battle between good and evil.

  • Also a really good book but I did not like it as much as the first one i found it far less engaging, and not as complex Lady Madeleine wins my favorite character award this time, though i also liked the surnameless Jared I m hoping this is just a slow point in what started as a fantastic series, and plan to read the next book soon.

  • Intriguing and amazingThe series The Legend of the Guardian King has 4 books Each book has great characters, detailed descriptions, and plot twists You will love every word If you like fantasy, love stories, action, drama, politics, life at court, and Jesus, you will love this story.

  • Very good read I have loved it as much as the 1st book of the series.There s a proof that one can talk about religious based things events without being boring or offensive or anything.On my way to book 3 I m sure Abramm will have battles to fight inner ones mostly and I can t wait to see how the author has dealt with this

  • I enjoyed the first book profoundly but I think this might be my favorite of the series, the series as a whole is highly recommended The world, plot, and characters continue to widen and deepen and this book takes you into the very heart of things read with caution, as you may not come away unchanged

  • this is the second book in a set of four telling about the conversion of a man who becomes a king His trials and the blessings that result I love the way this author shares the faith promoting process as well as the struggle to submit to a higher power even though it is what we desire overall I love these books so far.

  • A great second book in the series Can t wait to read the third Again Ms Hancock has done an excellent job of portraying the angst and joys of her characters journeys The author has such a good grasp of the inner turmoils faced.I recommend this book to anyone who daily faces the struggle of bringing together the desires of God and their own selfish and hurtful desires.

  • It left you hanging at the end with unanswered questions, Does Gillard die Does Abrram get the girl Does Abrram prevent the war And I liked the story though, it kept my attention which is a trying task And I can wait to read the next one.

  • One of the best Christian fantasy books I ve read in a while The allegory is deep and meaningful Hancock s writing is very good My only complaint is a little extra detail in many of the scenes, but some people may like that.

  • I think I liked this one better than the first one, possibly because I knew what to expect It was still a little weirdrange mix of medeival sp times 1800 s and fantasy, but overall, better.

  • This series is probably the best Christian fantasy I ve ever read It truly encapsulates the spirit of Christianity and reminds me of the spirit realm that many of us never think about Can t wait to read the next one.

  • Good SeriesThe second book in the series is all about Abrahms accession to the throne It s a good read although I found it slower than the first book There is inner struggle and less action.

  • Enjoyed better than book one of this series It pulled me in and makes me excited to read the next one Not a super thriller, but worth the time, and iteresting in its congruities with Christianity.

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