On a Pale Horse

On a Pale Horse When Zane shoots Death he has to take the job speeding over the world riding Mortis his pale horse limo measuring souls for the exact balance of Good and Evil sending each to Heaven or Hell inste
  • Title: On a Pale Horse
  • Author: Piers Anthony
  • ISBN: 9780345338587
  • Page: 114
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • On a Pale Horse
    When Zane shoots Death, he has to take the job, speeding over the world riding Mortis, his pale horse limo, measuring souls for the exact balance of Good and Evil, sending each to Heaven or Hell instead of Purgatory The new Thanatos is superbly competent, ends pain when he ends lives But Satan is forging a trap for Luna, the woman Death loves.
    On a Pale Horse By Piers Anthony,

    To be unacceptable or inappropriate A pale is an area bounded by a fence Disrupting my class is beyond the pale, young lady go to the principal s office Most people would consider stealing to be beyond the pale See also beyond, pale. Oct , In On a Pale Horse, the first book in the Incarnations of Immortality Series, there s a similar kind of mixing going on The story focuses on a normal man, Zane, becoming the next incarnation of Death Instead of simply relying on the traditional accoutrements of the office, On a Pale Horse is a fantasy novel by Piers Anthony, first published in .It is the first of eight books in the Incarnations of Immortality series The book focuses on Zane, a photographer about to commit suicide who instead kills Death and must assume his office. The title is derived from the sixth chapter of Book of Revelation, in which one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Death Sep , Shooting Death was a mistake, as Zane soon discovered For the man who killed the Incarnation of Death was immediately forced to assume the vacant position Thereafter, he must speed over the world, riding his pale horse, and ending the lives of others Zane was forced to accept his unwelcome task, despite the rules that seemed woefully unfair.

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    Though he spent the first four years of his life in England, Piers never returned to live in his country of birth after moving to Spain and immigrated to America at age six After graduating with a B.A from Goddard College, he married one of his fellow students and and spent fifteen years in an assortment of professions before he began writing fiction full time.Piers is a self proclaimed environmentalist and lives on a tree farm in Florida with his wife They have two grown daughterscmillan author piersa


  • 4.0 stars Piers Anthony is a MIND NUMBING ENIGMA to me He is capable of writing extremely thought provoking, imaginative stories that are both original and speak to fundamental aspects of the human condition The mystery is that he does so infrequently, despite being one of the most prolific authors in the speculative fiction Wait.on second thought, maybe that is the answer Quantity of production slamming right into the proverbial nuts of quality Well this first novel in the Incarnations of Immor [...]

  • This was the first book I ever read of Piers Anthony and I was hooked Original, imaginative and told by a true story teller, this was a gem And best of all, this blended good science fiction with pure fantasy elements to make a very enjoyable read A man accidentally kills Death, an incarnation of Immortality and shades of Tim Allen in The Santa Clause he must don the black mantle and ride the white horse It turns out to be a white car and a pretty cool gig when all is settled That is until the H [...]

  • This is the first in the Incarnations of Immortality series, and probably the best of the batch I believe I read somewhere that Anthony originally intended only to write the five Death, Time, Fate, War, and Earth , and I think he probably should have stopped there, because while With a Tangled Skein is probably the best book of the series in terms of pulling the other books together, they did as Sci Fi series so often do start to drag quite a bit towards the later books, and ended up just plain [...]

  • ORIGINALLY POSTED AT Fantasy Literature.When the grim reaper shows up a few seconds early, Zane shoots him instead of using the gun on himself as he d planned Now, instead of being dead, Zane is Death He has to take over the office, riding around the world in his convertible pale horse collecting and measuring the souls of those who ve committed equal amounts of good and evil during their lives those who are in balance In his new guise complete with all of the accoutrements scythe, hooded cloak, [...]

  • This was the book that got me into reading fiction many years ago, and inspired me to want to write The reading happened straight away and I ve not stopped since the writing took a little longer to get started, and I see no sign of stopping that now either.So, reading for the second time many years later, much of the narrative feels a little dated in regard to social references and attitudes, but I enjoyed the story just as much as I did as a young man Now I feel compelled to reread the rest of [...]

  • Maybe a better title for this book would be, Euthanasia Rocks I honestly thought I would like this book a whole lot It doesn t help that the impetus for my reading this book was a good friend s rusty memory of reading this in high school I feel that would have been a great time to read it, now less so.My main problem was the annoying protagonist I don t know if this was something that was a rule for fantasy writing in the 80s, but what is with the protagonist who s characterized as being intell [...]

  • Ok, I think it s time to delve into my long evolving and conflicted feelings about this series and about Piers Anthony Especially since I changed my rating for this book from a 5 to a 1.When I was young, I loved this series It was on my favourites list throughout high school I was also pretty obsessed with the Xanth series, and would get new books from that series for many christmases and birthdays These series, and Piers in general, go into my adult category of things I can t believe I didn t r [...]

  • Actual rating 2.5 stars.I can see where I would have been really into this series if I d read it as a teenager I was just busy reading at that point in my life and not very much into evaluating what I was taking in It is a very male oriented story, with women being mostly objects that they compete for and fight over The male characters evaluate women by their age and attractiveness, although Zane Death comes to grudgingly admire Luna s strength, intelligence, and morality If I had children, I wo [...]

  • Death does ride a Pale Horse but that Horse can be so much if that is what the job calls for, or at least that is what Anthony will have us believe.A friend of mine in high school pushed this series on me and I reluctantly started to read it Have I mentioned that science fiction really isn t my favorite yet Because yeah, it takes something special for me to really delve into science fiction Not that this is science fiction per say but like an alternate Earth with some futuristic elements becau [...]

  • On a Pale Horse is the best book Piers Anthony s ever written.Sadly, that s not saying much Anthony has some very creative ideas, but his prose is mechanical at best and plainly clunky at worst.Even so, some of the ideas are worth the slog The Incarnations of Immortality series, though it fades at the end as all of Anthony s series do, is a clever and occasionally inspired look at religion, spirituality, and morality In different hands it might have been pure art see also, Good Omens by Pratchet [...]

  • Piers Anthony is an author who is conceptually innovative than literary His writing is like puff pastry and not very substantive, but his characters are likable and the plots engaging He has moments of preachiness mixed in, and sometimes a puerile sense of humor, but if you don t mind these things or indeed, revel in them you should give him a try None of Anthony s books takes long to read, and you ll be able to tell by the first 100 pages of a series whether you re into his concept.Though my l [...]

  • I think this is a case of it s not you it s me This is a very popular book but everyone that I personally know that has read and loved it say they read it way back in the 80 s or 90 s I wonder if they would still feel the same way if they read it for the first time today I ve just read too many outstanding fantasy novels this year so this book had big shoes to fill Unfortunately it fell short I m not sure why but I went into this book expecting it to be funny I was actually looking forward to a [...]

  • I first read this book back when I was 13 and loved it Immediately tore through the rest of the books in the series and would regularly bring up the series in conversations about books worth reading A few months back I found a paperback copy of On A Pale Horse at a book sale for 50 cents and picked it up thinking it d be fun to revisit the series WellThis is an extraordinarily sexist book Alarmingly so Women are regularly approximately every time they are talked about described by their physical [...]

  • One summer while in Jr High, my brother handed me a book The cover was yellow and depicted Death driving a very nice looking sports car I loved the book, and unlike Anthony s Xanth series, Incarnations is still very readable for me today I ve heard the argument that many feel that Anthony has far too many sexual scenes in the Incarnations books I guess I never really latched onto those scenes as being particularly offensive There are worse books than these out there for that.The books themselves [...]

  • I ve long been a fan of anthropomorphized versions of Death This is probably not surprising, since we have been doing this for thousands of years to varying degrees of sophistication And some do it better than others I m a big fan of Julian Richings portrayal of Death on Supernatural He captures the eerie, inhuman quality of Death as a force of nature older than God so well, managing to appear suave and completely cold at the same time Plus, he kind of looks the part In On a Pale Horse, Death is [...]

  • Well, I enjoyed the author s note That was entertaining I read he does that at the end of all of his books.As for the book, itself, I m not too sure What I liked The idea of the story Death as a real man, unwittingly thrust into the role, and having to figure it out as he went I liked Mortis the horse limousine I liked Satan advertising on billboards that Hell is actually a Fun place to be I was a big fan of Dead Like Me and was so bummed when they canceled that series There were actually quite [...]

  • This is the only Piers Anthony book I really liked For once there s enough actual plot to distract the author from his usual preoccupations of breasts and bad puns The premise is similar to The Santa Clause , but instead of the jolly old elf, it s the Grim Reaper who kicks the bucket Erm, gets shot to death by the protagonist It s an ACCIDENT, okay Now the protagonist has to take his place, and figure out all the gadgets Death uses to find the souls he collects There s a cool car horse, and a be [...]

  • I decided to reread this series when I learned there was an eighth book I could probably go straight to the eighth book no problem, but I remembered liking this series and I still do The concept is very clever that each of the incarnations is a regular person fulfilling a job Death becomes Death by killing the former Death Afterward, he has to learn the ins and outs of his job making sure the souls that are roughly in balance end up going to the right place haven or hell And Satan, always trying [...]

  • This was the beginning of my Piers Anthony kick a couple years ago This series was very interesting It is called the Incarnations of Immortality, with this first book being the best of the series The others were interesting The premise is that regular people take on the mantle of Death, The Fates, Mother Nature, Mars, Father Time, etc There are a total of seven books, so you can guess who the 6th and 7th are I never could get ahold of the 6th book and I m not one to skip on to the last without r [...]

  • I very much enjoyed this fantasy book that focused on the office of Death and it s coorelation with the other Incarnations It s cause and effect logic was always sound and infuriatingly obvious after reading the explanation of the logic The author did a great job keeping the reader s emotions on par with the protagonist Zane , even feeling the frustration and eventual enlightenment that he experienced.One note Mortis is awesome

  • In my opinion this is the best of the incarnations series Interesting where the guy discovers he s become the new incarnation of Death and of course how he became Death I think this was a pretty good book and it s one of only a few Anthony books I really like I read a few others of the Incarnation Series, and incidental other Anthony books Not in general a fan of his.

  • I first read this series in high school I loved it Sometime toward the end of my college career, I bought the series and began reading it again I loved it a little less.Let s start with the major problem I have with this series Piers Anthony writes almost every single female character as some crazy or weak person that needs a man to come save the day How insulting As if women can t be just as tough, reasonable or resilient as men I don t know how I missed it the first go round maybe I felt that [...]

  • From memory read this as a young man and liked it enough to read the entire series A mortal takes over as the nearly immortal death, very entertaining.

  • Book One of Incarnations of ImmortalityThe story of a regular guy, Zane, who after a run of bad luck, decides to commit suicide but instead, as Fate would have it, is picked to assume the office of Death The job comes with any number a perks a shapechanging Deathhorse, a manor in purgatory, and who knows what powers Zane needs to figure that out as he goes along, collecting the sould of those whose lives are in balance, neither good nor evil, to be sorted out and sent to hell, heaven, or purgato [...]

  • In retrospect this book reminds me a little bit of Terry Pratchett s Mort, though On a Pale Horse predates it The idea of Death as an office rather than an entity was very original at the time and the adventures of the protagonist in this book as a rookie Grim Peaper is a lot of fun The main difference between this book and Mort is the tone, the emphasis of this book is on action and adventuires rather than comedy This is the first of Piers Anthony s Incarnations of Immortality series and is pos [...]

  • The gospel according to Piers Anthony is mismanaged and a little boring We re compelled to wade through half a novel of false doctrine before hitting actual storyline Every chapter plants a seed of what s to come, but it is slow and tedious until the last few chapters Had I read only the second half of the novel, I think I might have enjoyed it It is a wildly creative story, embedding future, fantasy, and religion.Piers Anthony is thoroughly self absorbed This novel embodies his great love for h [...]

  • This book did not age well I realize that this book is a product of its time but boy howdy, the sexism in this book is really bad I tried to read it Mad Men style, trying to look past it but because the book hinges on this I found it impossible I have read a lot of books from this time period, Stranger in a Strange Land is one I still enjoy despite it s sexism, this book just can t escape it.I picked up this book after hearing the TAL story about Piers Anthony I realized I had not read any Antho [...]

  • It is the outstanding first book in the Incarnations of Immortality series recommended to me by my father who read it when he was my age.The series questions the nature of life by having mortals take on immortal offices which they can execute in whichever way they so choose for the most part anyway.This book in particular follows the story of Zane and then Luna His soul is fairly balanced between good and evil or at least enough so that he has to be attended to by Death himself when he tries to [...]

  • Besides the fact that Piers Anthony is still oh so sexist though not as bad as in the Xanth series , and the fact that he can t write female characters to save his life, I still do enjoy this book Others have said that this one is the best of the series, and I think I agree, though I also really enjoyed 6 though most say the last two books suck I definitely enjoyed the re read and I am definitely looking forward to reading the next one, but I m going to try to take a break from Anthony for a mon [...]

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