Revelation Spring King Henry VIII is wooing Lady Catherine Parr whom he wants for his sixth wife But this time the object of his affections is resisting Archbishop Cranmer and the embattled Protestant fac
  • Title: Revelation
  • Author: C.J. Sansom
  • ISBN: 9781405092722
  • Page: 260
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Revelation
    Spring, 1543 King Henry VIII is wooing Lady Catherine Parr, whom he wants for his sixth wife But this time the object of his affections is resisting Archbishop Cranmer and the embattled Protestant faction at court are watching keenly, for Lady Catherine is known to have reformist sympathies Meanwhile, a teenage boy, a religious maniac, has been placed in the Bedlam hosSpring, 1543 King Henry VIII is wooing Lady Catherine Parr, whom he wants for his sixth wife But this time the object of his affections is resisting Archbishop Cranmer and the embattled Protestant faction at court are watching keenly, for Lady Catherine is known to have reformist sympathies Meanwhile, a teenage boy, a religious maniac, has been placed in the Bedlam hospital for the insane When an old friend os Matthew Shardlake is murdered, his investigations leads to connections to both, and to the prophecies of the book of Revelation Shardlake follows a trail of horrific murders that are igniting frenzied talk of witchcraft and demonic posession For what else would the Tudor mind make of a serial killer
    Revelation By C.J. Sansom,

    Revelation The Book of Revelation The Apocalypse of John This is the revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave Him to show His servants what must soon come to pass He made it known by sending His angel to His servant John, who testifies to everything he saw This is the word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ. Revelation Definition of Revelation by Merriam Webster Revelation definition is an act of revealing or communicating divine truth How to use revelation in a sentence. Revelation Book of Revelation Meaning, Bible Chapters Summary Online Seven seals The Book of Revelation What Does it Mean Bible Questions The Greek name of the Bible book of Revelation, Apoka lypsis apocalypse , means Uncovering or Disclosure This name indicates the meaning of Revelation it uncovers matters that had been hidden and discloses events that would happen long after it was written Many of

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    Christopher John C.J Sansom is an English writer of crime novels He was born in 1952 and was educated at the University of Birmingham, where he took a BA and then a PhD in history After working in a variety of jobs, he decided to retrain as a solicitor He practised for a while in Sussex as a lawyer for the disadvantaged, before quitting in order to work full time as a writer.He came to prominence with his series set in the reign of Henry VIII in the 16th century, whose main character is the hunchbacked lawyer Matthew Shardlake Shardlake works on commission initially from Thomas Cromwell in Dissolution and Dark Fire and then Thomas Cranmer in Sovereign and Revelation.The BBC have commissioned an adaptation of Dissolution with the actor Kenneth Branagh set to star as Shardlake The rest of the Shardlake books are expected to follow C J Sansom has been consulted on the series, which is in the final stages of negotiation citation needed.He has also written Winter in Madrid, a thriller set in Spain in 1940 in the aftermath of the Spanish Civil War.Dark Fire won the 2005 Ellis Peters Historical Dagger, awarded by the Crime Writers Association CWA Sansom himself was Very Highly Commended in the 2007 CWA Dagger in the Library award, for the Shardlake series from


  • Straight into the saddle with a quick update of where we are in terms of Henry VIII s life the key players that surround him which acquaints us swiftly with Tudor life And we re off Shardlake takes on a case with political religious connotations afoot which align to professional suicide so all warn him then the murders start Are they linked And then the guessing game begins Its a grand series I ALWAYS kick myself as to why I take so long before reading another in the series maybe I jus like to l [...]

  • The fourth installment in this excellent series and it is easily worth five stars One of the best things about these books is the delightful way the author discusses all the details of the lifestyle of Tudor England I have always found this a fascinating period of history and C.J Sansom knows how to make the most of it In this book Matthew Shardlake our daring, hunchback, lawyer detective is working for Archbishop Cranmer and HenryVIII is preparing to marry Catherine Parr Life becomes very dange [...]

  • This is the fourth novel in the series featuring lawyer, Matthew Shardlake, and his assistant Jack Barak This is one of the darkest, most unsettling books in the series, involving Shardlake and Barak in the hunt for a Tudor serial killer, who has an obsession with the book of Revelations and a client who is declared insane and sent to the Bedlam.King Henry is planning to take another wife and is busy trying to convince Catherine Parr to marry him Speaking of matrimony, Barak s marriage to Tamasi [...]

  • With this installment in the Matthew Shardlake series, I think I can safely say that CJ Sansom has taken his place as my second favorite modern author Sharon Kay Penman being my favorite I have given this book some time to swirl around in my mind since I finished it, and I m still not sure that I can do it justice.Nobody brings Tudor England to life the way Sansom does The sights, smells, sounds is easy for the reader to imagine that they are walking along next to dear Matthew as he walks the cr [...]

  • Another great instalment in one of my favourite series It s so sad I hear literally no one talk about these Anyone who s a fan of Tudor England and mysteries will adore them There so well written and keep you interested throughout, despite the length of the novels I must say, I prefer the ones that are set in London rather than else where This one and book two are both set in London and are my favourites of the four I have read so far This one held another great mystery, a serial killer whose vi [...]

  • I really enjoy this series of mystery novels set in the reign of Henry VIII The author has a gift for weaving the historical backstory into the mystery and generating a very evocative atmosphere of London in the 16th century Through the characters and other story lines running through the novel, many pictures of daily life emerge including the practice of Medicine at the time, the workings of the sewerage system, construction of false teeth and of course the upheaval in religion and the chucrche [...]

  • In his fourth outing, hunchback lawyer Matthew Shardlake is up against a gruesome serial killer intent on bringing forth the prophecies of Revelation through a series of Biblical inspired killings Called in to attend to the bizarre case of a young boy imprisoned for madness and suspected of suffering from demonic possession, when Shardlake discovers the slain body of his best friend in a frozen fountain, he is once again caught between the machinations of the Tudor court, where Henry VIII has se [...]

  • I may consistently give these C.J Sansom books 4 out of 5 stars with the exception of the third in the series, Sovereign, which I gave 5 stars to , but I do thoroughly enjoy them For me they are the perfect holiday read, or windy wet weather read Sit in a corner with a cup of tea, curl up under a thick quilt in bed, lock yourself away or escape every evening to its pages.C.J Sansom recreates the Tudor world with an ease that all historical fiction authors should aspire to The stories are not alw [...]

  • It is the end of winter in 1543 and Henry is wooing Catherine Parr with the intention of making her his sixth wife This is not popular with Archbishop Cramer as Parr is known to have sympathies to the reformist agenda Shardlake has agrees to take on the case of a lad who has been diagnosed as mad and who is in the asylum called Bedlam People are starting to think that his mania will get him sentenced as a heretic.On returning home later one evening he discovers a body in the fountain, this is hi [...]

  • In this installment, it is the year 1543 and Matthew Shardlake, the hunchback lawyer, has been promoted to Serjeant in the Court of Requests by Archbishop Cranmer Cranmer owes Shardlake big time after the events of the last book and Matthew is quite happy with his life and his work Unfortunately, Matthew s peaceful existance is interrupted when his dear friend, Roger Elliard, is murdered in a most horrific and public way Matthew vows to bring the killer to justice but there is much to the story [...]

  • REVELATION Hist Mys Matthew Shardlake England 1500s Middle Ages ExSansom, C.J 4th in seriesMacmillan, 2008, UK Hardcover ISBN 9781405092722First Sentence The high chandeliers in the Great Hall of Lincoln s Inn were ablaze with candles, for it was late afternoon when the play began.Henry VIII has asked to marry Catherine Parr and England is in a time of religious turmoil The Dissolution of the monasteries is done but now Henry, and the reformists, are moving back toward Catholic ways, under the K [...]

  • As a confirmed Sansom addict, I now believe that the four Shardlake novels show an admirable progression Revelation crowns a notable achievement In Dissolution, the claustrophobic limitations of the community at Scarnsea and the largely indistinguishable monks were the down side The pluses were originality of scene and the personality of the hunchback lawyer himself Evidence of the author s feel for place and period led one hopefully to Dark Fire, and in the matter of authentic atmosphere one wa [...]

  • This Shardlake centres on religious mania, apocalyptic expectations, and the affect on people of new interpretations of sin from radical Protestants It s a picture of culture wars with a real sense of society unravelling If he d written it this year, and not ten years ago, I d accuse him of being topical I felt the reverberations, and to me that means he lifts this into a novel you might find of relevance whenever you live His cast Matthew Shardlake, lawyer, who gets jeered at as crookback on th [...]

  • Yet another Tudor mystery from the best of the best After Henry VIII broke with the Catholic Church and made himself head of the Church of England, he just couldn t make his mind up Definitely Protestant.ybe a wee bit less Protestant maybe a bit Catholic As he swung back and forth people rose and fell from favour, some losing their heads in the process It was a time when your religious affiliations could carry heavy penalties In this hothouse world of shifting religious dogma, and the stress of [...]

  • My least favorite of the series so far Too much romance and a lame drama at that plus, the conflict never got resolved , too many subplots which of course very conveniently fitted into the overall plot , too much discussion of religion, and just too long for my taste The setting was interesting as always, although I hoped Catherine Parr would play a larger role The serial killer in Tudor England approach was interesting, but ultimately didn t interest me.

  • Ve zvu im poput papagaja ali Sansom me je tako razmazio sa svojim djelima da uvijek iznova, s nestrpljenjem, ekam sljede u.

  • So, we are now up to Catherine Parr Lady Latimer is being pursued by Henry after he s successfully managed to kill off his latest young wife, Catherine Howard Matthew, yet again, is going to be dragged into these great events But as with the other novels of this superb series, Matthew is also involved in a human mystery in this novel that of a young boy who inexplicably begins to rant and rave about salvation and has been locked away in bedlam for his own protection it s dangerous to speak abou [...]

  • If you like historical fiction and or mystery, I d advise you to check out C.J Sansom s Matthew Shardlake series Matthew Shardlake is a hunchback lawyer living in London during the reign of Henry VIII His work brings him in contact with some history s lesser known people Thomas Cromwell, Richard Rich, Thomas Cranmer In each book, Shardlake solves at least two mysteries, one related to his law practice and one related to the politics of Tudor England Sansom is an excellent writer, and his book ar [...]

  • As with Dissolution, the other book from this series that I ve read, the history in this story is much stronger than the mystery Sansom presents characters representing the diversity of religious though in mid sixteenth century England They interact in believable, thought provoking conversations and are tested in various ways by each turn of events The 1540s were a stressful time in England the Catholic Church was dissolved, but the tide was turning against the Lutheran reformers Basically, ever [...]

  • So, time for the review.I absolutely love this series it is clever, enticing and really gets your detective skills working The one thing I adore is the underlying plot of the book is all based on fact while the main plot line is pure, exciting fiction.Shard lake is becoming stronger, he is and successful and is starting to be commanding of people, and rightly so However, Barak lost some of my respect in this book due to his drunken antics, mainly due to grief il grant you but it just highligh [...]

  • Another great read in the Shardlake series A little heavy on the religious side as the mystery involves passages from the bible but it s not preachy.Edited I debated about giving this one 5 stars and decided to go ahead and do it It s really well done and was great fun to read 5 star worthy for sure.

  • Another winning Matthew Shardlake mystery.C.J Sansom s writing lets you see and smell London circa 1543 Add a serial killer who uses The Book of Revelations as a How To guide and you have a winning mystery My favorite crookback was a little snippier this time around which just made him that much adorable

  • Book four in my favorite historical mystery series.For a further review susannagoklikes post 60.

  • C J Sansom Otkrivenje Kad se kralj prije deset godina suprotstavio papi, kako bi se vjen ao s Anne Boleyn, on je omogu io Thomasu Cromwellu da u kraljevo okru je ubaci ljude, koji su jo radikalniji reformisti, pa ak i luterani Nakon Cromwellova pada, kralj se vra a na staru vjeru, a mnogi reformisti su se prilagodili, barem u javnosti Ali, nekoliko radikala uspjelo je zadr ati svoja namje tenja jer su bili sposobni i prepredeni U martu 1543 godine dok se London oporavlja od estoke zime koja je d [...]

  • Its 1543 in England, King Henry VIII has recently beheaded another wife and he has his eye set on then next one Mathew Shardlake is a lawyer working with a couple whose son has been sent to Bedlam because he refuses to stop praying on the streets and Mathew is trying to get his conditions improved and has hooked him up with his doctor Mathew s good friend, another lawyer, is found killed and left in a fountain near their quarters and Mathew has promised his wife that he will find the killer This [...]

  • I have enjoyed this series very much, but this particular book less so I never really enjoy mysteries about serial killers and this was no exception It just seemed to go on and on Despite the plot, I did enjoy the characters of Shardlake, Barack, and Malton, as usual, and CJ Sansom does write about the Tudor era so convincingly I will move on to the next one in the series.

  • It s Spring 1543 and in London an increasingly disabled and despotic King Henry VIII is trying his best to gain the hand of marriage from Lady Catherine Parr Religious fervour and fanaticism continues to effect everyone s lives in Tudor England We welcome back our enigmatic hunchback lawyer, Matthew Shardlake and his very able assistant Jack Barak for the fourth book in C.J.Sansom s excellent Shardlake series In Revelation, Shardlake takes up the case of a young man called Adam Kite who has been [...]

  • I feel like I ve stumbled on a real treasure with C J Sansom s Shardlake series Revelation was absolutely delightful It engaged my attention straight away and held it gripped from the very first page to the last This is classic mystery unravelling and crime writing in the tradition of Agatha Christie, Arthur Conan Doyle, and Edith Pargeter Every single scene advances the plot, there s no unnecessary fluff, the story is well constructed and thoughtful Moreover, Sansom s writing is subtle, intelli [...]

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